Although we are all grieving, I know that Dad would prefer storytelling and laughter to tears. In honor of that, we are creating this website to share our favorite memories and beautiful (and ridiculous) photos. Steve was a giant within the medical field he was part of, but we just know him as Dad; always right, often impatient, brilliant and kind. We’ll leave it to his colleagues to speak to his impacts on genetics.


Dad took us on all sorts of adventures. We watched Dad (and Garry Brown) have ice dumped down their backs when we crossed the Arctic Circle aboard a ladybug covered ship. We watched waterfalls cascade down the sides of Ayers Rock in Australia from the top of a camper van. We ate lobster on a beach for Christmas. I experienced a midnight earthquake from inside an ultra fancy Taipei hotel room and toured the Kokeshi doll factory in Sendai when I was only 13. Karen hiked the Colorado Trail with Dad. I traveled around Alaska with Mom and Dad while Mom was battling cancer (round 1). 


Dad was strict and a bit scary when we were little, but as we matured, he softened. Watching him care for Mom and deal with his own, few, limitations in the past years has been inspiring. He accepted and carried on with a tremendous amount of grace. In one of his final few doctor’s appointments, when deciding on a treatment for his bladder cancer, he said, “as long as I can still work and travel”. He did not want a life where he couldn’t do those things. Dad has left massive holes in all our hearts but he lived 82 brilliant years. He was excellent at everything he did and filled his life with adventure until the end. And, he managed to never ‘get old’.


Thank you for everything Dad. We will miss you everyday. 

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of Charlie. I suspect he’ll get a few serogate granddads thanks to you, and Karen will keep him in line.


This memorial website is here for you to share your stories, photos and thoughts with us and others who knew and loved him. Please send your memories and photos through the "Submit a Memory" page and we will add them for all to see and read.

Steve's family truly appreciates your condolences and help creating this tribute page.



Dr. Stephen Goodman


In loving memory of

Photo by: Russ Burden